Saturday, 18 January 2014

personal achievement award

Good girl certificate  only ruined by her announcing to the after sch club that she is allowed to eat 'crap' as she's been exercising playing footy. Oops!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

look who is coming!!!

Little Charlie the Chug, coming to join our family… we can't wait!!

Age 4 weeks

age 6 weeks
Age 7 weeks

skydiving babies

Love that she sleeps without a care in the world!

And Monkey copies!!!

cleaning away christmas

What they won't do to earn stars and get pressies.  Cleaning away xmas.

All good until Iz hoovered up the socks!!!

Izzy at Jazzy's birthday, one of her be sties from nursery.

Chevin woods decorated in baubles for xmas 2013!

A new yr walk on the Chevin, and someones put baubles all over the trees, how fab!

man of the match!!

Ozzy loves footy now, made some great new friends too.  He's a happy bunny and again man of the match!