Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I need Glasses Mummy.

See this innocent face? Grrrr... Just spent the last 24 hrs worrried to death after being told by sch her vision is seriously impaired. Just been to the optician who says he thinks not, though poss mildly shortsighted. At THIS point Izzy started telling us about the episode of Charlie and Lola where Lola really wants glasses and everything then became much clearer to both the optician and me!!!!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

still missing my Boo boo at home!

Miss these days, when Izzy used to sneak into Oscar's room and raid his stuff, was so cute! And she still talks about the girls who looked after her the couple of days she used to attend nursery, Courtney, Kim and Rosie her favourites. A great nursery, same cheerful energetic staff over the 5 yrs, infact 8 since Ozzy also attended the same lovely place!

Babyface on Ozzys DS!

In Ozzy's footy kit.
Rosie, Kim and Courtney!